A Creative Expressionist, Activist, Thinker, Strategist, Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Humanitarian and Community Worker, Writer, Traveler, and Dreamer…
Freedom to create, inspire, and evolve! 

With over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry and with a clientele base from Africa, the United States, and Canada, I carry a wealth of knowledge that impacts tremendously. Freedom to create, inspire, and evolve has always been my focus throughout my design career. I was born into a family of Jewelry designers and manufacturers, my maiden surname “Pather” means Goldsmith in Sanskrit, and I embraced art and design at a very tender age. Honing most of my expertise to my father with a vibrant knowledge of Art, I embraced and fell in love with the world of color and creation.

Most of my success would be due to my Mothers's simple words“ If you can dream it then you can achieve it” Those words pushed and drove me beyond my limits to a sphere of unrealistic dimensions so my inner juice of creativity could flow.

I have worked from the ground up within the Communications, Advertising, Marketing, and Design Industries. During this time, I have developed a wide range of skills that would meet, and exceed your expectations. My present role as a self-employed Graphic Designer enabled me to have the freedom, passion, and creativity to explore the Art of Visual Communication. My freelance work has given me the freedom to raise both my kids in the comfort of my home. 

The Communications Industry has opened many doors of opportunities that have allowed me to work in various capacities, one of my highlights is excelling from Desktop Operator to Junior/Senior Designer to Art/Creative Director and Management with Client service experience. I have expertise working in Communication Agencies, Multi-Million dollar companies, and Governments with creative teams and agencies. I do possess proven experience in developing and executing Marketing Strategies and campaigns with strong digital strategies. I possess strong leadership qualities and analytic project management skills with a keen passion for research and knowledge. I easily troubleshoot with excellent problem-solving abilities and am always ready to adapt and learn. 

I’m a passionately creative strategist and very design-focused with excellent writing skills, with the ability to network and build relationships with people of all races, colors, or creeds. I have worked with different nationalities, cultures, and demographics across various cities abroad, these have shaped my understanding and given me the experience needed to reach different target markets.

For all your design, advertising, marketing, branding, and online needs, Please feel free to get in touch with me
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